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Product name : 5 UV Laser Marking Machine
Product No. : DGUV-5
Sample : Support
Certificate : ISO,CE
Min Order : 1 set
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Product Description


DAG- UV(5W UV laser power)                        

Ave. power


Laser repetitive frequency


Q switch laser pulse width


Laser wavelength


Beam quality M2


Beam divergence angle


Marking range


Line speed


Min. line width


Repetitive accuracy


Power requirement

220V±22V / 50Hz / 10A

Power consume


Working environment

Temperature:15℃-30℃;Humidity 30-80%
No condensation

Reaction Mechanism of UV laser machining is implemented by photochemical ablation effect, i.e., the laser energy is interrupted rely bonding atoms or molecules, making it a small molecule vaporized and evaporated. UV laser marking, has focused small spot, wide application materials, can process high anti- infrared or high permeability material to laser. Mainly used in ultra fine processing of high-end market.
1.Good beam quality, smaller focus spot, can reach ultra precise marking. 
2.Most materials can absorb UV laser, so that it has a wider range of application, sufficient to processing capacity of infrared laser.
3.Minimal heat-affected zone, no thermal effect, no material burning issue;
4.high marking speed and effect.
5.The machine performance is stability, small size and low power consumption.
Since UV laser beam spot is extremely small, and the processing is minimal heat-affected zone, which can be ultra-fine marking, special materials marking, the first choice of customers to marking effect. UV laser no thermal effect, the result of marking and cutting precision, smooth, steep side walls, does not produce thermal effects, no burning problem, in addition to copper, a lot of material is absorbing 355nm UV light, so UV laser fits most material types.

Product Application


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